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Remodeling even one room in your home can seem like a daunting task, which is why these types of projects need to be planned out well in advance. This will allow you to not only prepare financially for such a project, but you can also ensure that you’ve chosen the best contractors for the job and that any adjustments, such as temporary relocation, have been well thought out and adequately prepared for.


The costs of home remodeling projects vary, depending on the amount of space to be remodeled and the amount of time the project will take.


Estimating costs can be a bit like trying to hit a moving target with a bow and arrow, as there are many variables that could come into play before, during and even after the project.


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular home remodeling or room additions San Antonio area and the estimated costs that are associated with them:

Adding Square Footage

With this type of room addition project, there’s obviously going to be some demolition involved. Walls are going to have to be torn down in order to add space to your existing home.


There will also be costs associated with things like new walls being erected, new ceilings added, new flooring being laid and many others.


Adding square footage is not an inexpensive endeavor, though it will likely add value and there is a decent ROI there for the owners. Room additions that increased sqft typically can increase your home’s value significantly should you decide to sell one day.


The estimate nationwide for this type of room addition San Antonio project is in the $40,000 range, but could be much less or much more depending on the scope of your particular project.



Again, the cost for this type of project is directly correlated to the amount of space that you’re looking to remodel. Factors that come into play include installing floors, building walls, adding electrical or plumbing and cosmetic things like painting and furnishing the space.


The nationwide average for remodeling a basement is just under $20,000, but again could be much more or much less depending on the amount of space and what it is that you want to do with it.

Kitchen Remodels & Bath Remodels

Unarguably the two areas of the home that add the most value, these are popular areas for remodeling projects. Top expenses for kitchens include cabinetry, appliances, countertops and flooring, as well as installation fees and labor costs. For bathrooms, your top costs will be fixtures, cabinets and flooring, as well as labor costs.


Homeowners nationwide spend an average of around $20,000 on kitchen remodels and approximately $13,000 on bathroom remodels.


These are some of the most popular remodeling projects, but others include repairing roofs, adding new HVAC units and adding or replacing appliances.


Another cost that you definitely don’t want to forget about is permits. You certainly don’t want to begin on any project before ensuring that you have the proper permits necessary for the job. NXS can work with your homeowners association and the city or county should we need any permits or permissions for your remodel or room addition.

Plumbing & Electrical

Unless you’ve been trained in these areas, this is the type of project that you’re going to want to leave to the professionals. Too many things can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing, so trying to do it by yourself is certainly not advisable.


Plumbers and electricians generally charge by the hour, so your total cost for these projects is going to vary depending on how long they will actually be needed on-site. Room additions will typically need electric or water ran to the new room, for these types of room additions San Antonio are you will need qualified plumbers and electricians to ensure the new room is safe.  NXS is partnered with several licensed electricians and plumbers throughout San Antonio to ensure our remodeling project is partnered with highly qualified professionals.


On average, homeowners spend around $300 for plumbers, $325 for electricians and approximately $500 if you need to hire a structural engineer to come out and add his or her expertise to the project.

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