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Trust NXS, the best house painters San Antonio staff in the area. From accent walls to complete exterior painting, our painting team in San Antonio ensures we use quality paint and materials for your project. The overall look of your home depends on the style, color, and quality of the paint used. From the trim to the ceiling, we pay attention to every detail when it comes to San Antonio home painting projects.

Don’t select a handyman versus a licensed contractor, the chances of you getting burned on the quality of the job and paint are very high. When we have to come in a fix someone that is inexperienced, it just costs the homeowner more money.

First impressions are lasting ones, don’t just trust anyone to paint your home.. For residential exterior and interior painting needs – Trust NXS Home Remodelling! When was the last time a contractor visited you 2 or 3 days after any project to ensure you we’re happy and there were no issues?

The Painting Process


Our painting process begins with one of our Project Managers visiting your home to do a full walk-thru in the planning stage. Our design team can show you a variety of paint colors to ensure your new paint project is complete with vibrant, new-age, and resilient colors.

Choose from the best paint available in the market today. Our house painters San Antonio team will ensure we deliver an exterior or interior paint product that lasts through adverse weather and stands the test of time. Our estimators will ensure the amount of paint used for your project is accurate, this will lead to cost savings and alleviate wasteful spending.

Seasons can influence your paint project, we recommend paint projects in spring or autumn. However, if there are repairs, mold, mildew, or any other issues, Call us immediately for an inspector to come out and look at your home. We typically want to paint against the sun throughout the entire project. Our project managers will schedule times that ensure no inconvenience to you and your family.

  • Cleaning One of the first steps of the process is to clean the exterior or interior walls ensuring the surface is free from debris and dirt.
  • Removal of Old Paint We use a paint remover to ensure your surface is paint ready. Painting on top of old paint can sometimes cause the paint to run or bubble. You want to ensure that all the paint is removed before we start with new paint.
  • Drywall or Patching Joles Repairing holes or chips before painting is a critical part of the process. Finding dry rot or even mold is imperative to the paint process before we apply new paint over any wall or structure. We can kill mildew or mold and make minor and major fixes should we find any problems with drywall or wood. It’s important to note, you don’t want to leave wood exposed for very long because of the exposure from the weather. We can complete repairs quickly to ensure the wood is not exposed for too long of a time.
  • Primer We would recommend ensuring the durability and lifespan that we add a coat of primer to your home’s exterior or walls. This primer can not only increase the age of the paint, it has special chemicals that will also help with the environmental concerns.
  • House Painting We typically will start painting after the primer process has been completed. We start with trim and then move to the exterior. On interior paint jobs, we can get crown molding and walls completed in about 1 day. Second coats are then applied once the initial paint has been completed.
  • Final Acceptance & Follow Up We at NXS Home Remodelling consider ourselves to offer a quality home remodel services to homeowners in San Antonio. Following up by our house painters San Antonio team is something we do to ensure our clients are happy and should there be any issues post paint, we will fix them on the spot.

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Paint Lifespan

San Antonio paint on wooden exteriors can last seven to ten years for acrylic paint. Of course the main influencing factor is typically the home owners preference. People get bored with paint colors and always want to try something new. The paint itself can last seven to ten years, this is dependent on several environmental and social factors.

  • Heat
  • Cold, Hail, Wind
  • Quality and condition of the wood
  • Extended showers and poor ventilation
  • Smoking indoors
  • Pets
  • Mildew or Mold
  • UV rays

* Stucco style homes have a lifespan of up to about ten years.

Selling Your Home or Complete Remodel?

Total remodels and fresh paint can really do wonders for the listing price on your home. NXS
Can work with your budget and timeline to ensure we get your home ready for showing!

Complete Home Remodeling with Paint – We are a complete home remodeling company and we have the ability to gut an entire home or restore a home after water damage or a fire. Coupled with our house painters San Antonio experts, homeowners can rely on NXS to be professional, courteous, and most importantly, execute your project from vision to reality. Fresh paint can make your home look great, lively, and fresh. At NXS, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy!

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Exterior Trim Painting Only – This is very inexpensive and the most common request in San Antonio. The reason being is because most San Antonio homes are primarily made of brick or limestone rock. We provide this service at a very affordable price.


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NXS Home Remodeling Services provides Home Renovation, bathroom remodeling, Kitchen remodel and painting services to homeowners across south Texas. Located in San Antonio, our house painters San Antonio team is ready to tackle your next project. We stand by our work, Give us a call today and we’ll send someone out today!

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