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Flooring can be a difficult choice for your home, whether you go with tile, carpet, or hardwood, NXS flooring contractors San Antonio team can help you with your flooring installation. Our flooring contractors San Antonio team uses a variety of local vendors that are often cheaper than stores in the San Antonio area. Ultimately, we have done business with these vendors for so long we get bulk discounts based on the amount of flooring projects we do every month. We can pass those savings to our clients ensuring they get the lowest and best pricing on flooring materials.


How Long Does it Take?

Single-family homes that are 2000 sqft and below can typically be done in 1-2 days. Homeowners that have chosen different materials for different areas, ceramic tile, or larger than 2000 sqft can take anywhere from 3-5 days.


The Flooring Process

NXS will first start by surveying the area you want to replace or install your new flooring. Step two is selecting the right type of material, our sales team are knowledgeable and can provide you with information on all types of flooring. Durability, long life, and affordability are the most common questions from homeowners.

san antonio flooring contractor working on projectWe plan out time for the project that is convenient for the homeowner and purchase the materials. The first phase would be taking out the old flooring or preparing the foundation to lay the flooring. The second phase is the installation of the flooring and then treatment. Our final phase is delivery of the project, clean up and inspection with the homeowner. We typically will follow up in 1-2 weeks with the homeowner to ensure the floor has set correctly and inspected for any issues. Should any arise, we will have our flooring contractors San Antonio on the spot to repair or fix any shortcomings. Its not uncommon for flooring to set for a few days and then have to be touched up or reset in certain areas. Nevertheless, a post inspection within a week or at the homeowner’s discretion is always recommended.


NSX home remodeling guarantees material and workmanship on all flooring products. During the post-inspection, our flooring contractors San Antonio team will educate you on how to clean your flooring, treat it, and ensure the wrong types of cleaners or chemicals are not used on your new flooring.

Hardwood Vs. Laminate

A very common question from San Antonio homeowners is hardwood or San Antonio laminate flooring? Each of these types of flooring has their own pros and cons. Hardwood, of course, is much more expensive, but the durability is great and very long lasting.


Materials can run between $12-$20 an sqft installed. While laminate flooring is much easier and quicker to install, its much less expensive and can last up to 30 years. Expect to pay between $3-$8 an sqft installed.


For a complete breakdown of the pros and cons when it comes to types of flooring, visit this blog post to learn more.

Flooring Contractor in San Antonio

We provide complete remodels which sometimes will involve flooring while some people use NXS for a single flooring project. We can provide a wide variety of flooring services such as replacement of tiles or planks, installation, and even interior floor repair. We also can work with your insurance company for claims on damaged flooring due to a fire or water damage.


NXS home remodeling is licensed, bonded and insured, we over 30 years of home renovation, bathroom remodeling, and flooring experience.


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