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Along with bathroom and kitchen remodels unquestionably add value to your home. That is, if they’re done properly and in a way that’s also enticing to others who may be looking at your home one day as a possible purchase. Upgrading or remodeling a bathroom adds value to your home, many Realtors have got their clients more money for their homes by using a bathroom remodeling San Antonio TX contractor.


Finding the right bathroom remodel contractor in San Antonio TX is key to ensuring you get the right return on your investment.


But there are also several other reasons to upgrade this particular room in your family home. Let’s look at a few of the most popular reasons for taking on this type of home remodeling services project:


As An Investment

We touched on this above, but remodeling your bathroom could certainly pay for itself when it comes time to sell your home. It might even fetch you a nice profit, depending on how old the renovations are. The key here is that the workmanship is high-quality and that usually means hiring professionals to do the job. So you’ll want to take this into consideration when planning your renovation project.


To Make It Your Own

Maybe you bought someone else’s home and the bathroom is not really the style you and your family desire.

Consider whether you want this to be a full-on gutting, or whether just making upgrades to things like the toilet, sink and cabinets will do the trick.

Due To Changes In Your Life

The bathroom you had when you were single or a young married couple may not work when children enter the picture. On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you’re getting older and things like lower tubs and non-stick flooring are more important. The one constant in life changes, so embrace the changes and make your bathroom fit where you are in life.


To Correct And Prevent Damage

Bathrooms are constantly being exposed to moisture and humidity, so it’s common that issues like mold and mildew pop up from time to time. But when issues like this are being addressed, it’s a perfect time to undergo a remodeling project on the bathroom. And when you do so, consider upgrading to more modern materials to ensure your bathroom will look good in the future, with a minimum of maintenance and cleaning required.


To Conserve Water

In most homes, the toilet and shower account for around half of all of the daily water usage. Consider renovating your bathroom and installing water-saving features like modern toilets, new shower heads, and faucets that use less water. This can give your bathroom a much more modern look and feel while having the added bonus of lowering your monthly water bill.


To Add More Space

Often times, bathrooms are quite small. This can be frustrating to some and lead to expensive renovation projects, but a large-scale effort is not always necessary. Think about adding new shelving, as well as larger and more modern cabinets to increase the amount of storage space in your bathroom.


These are just a few ideas for home remodeling or renovating what is one of the most important room additions in any family home.


Just plan for this type of project well in advance, so you can get the most out of it for years to come.


Bathroom Remodeling San Antonio


Remodeling your bathroom can be a tedious experience, NXS Home Remodeling is here to help! From our Project Manager to our design team to our installers, the bathroom remodeling San Antonio TX team at NXS can deliver the bathroom remodel you envision. Bathroom remodeling in San Antonio pricing can vary depending on the material and amount of work involved.


Unlike most bathroom remodeling San Antonio TX contractors, we at NXS home remodeling will ensure you get a quote breaking down every line item and labor cost associated with your remodeling project. We pride ourselves in being competitive, but also being transparent.


For over 40 years, Our Bathroom Remodeling San Antonio TX service team has delivered extraordinary designs and quality craftsmanship homeowners can appreciate.

Our Bathroom Projects

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Bathroom Remodeling Costs

From the paint on the walls to the shower heads, we pay attention to every detail of your bathroom remodel project. We specialize in showers, vanity, cabinetry, flooring, sunken tubs, sinks,  and design. NXS will provide written quotes after all requirements have been finalized.


We work with preferred San Antonio bathroom remodeling vendors for vanities, tubs, and other hardware we might need for your project.


After so many years in business, NXS has formed several partnerships with bathroom remodeling vendors to ensure our cost savings are passed down to you.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Free Consultation! Allow one of our Project Managers and designers are willing to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your bathroom remodel needs. We’d like to take your vision from design to concept to finish.


Typical surveys and planning will take place in the initial stages of the remodeling process. We get our requirements from the homeowners and then after eliciting the requirements, your Project Manager will begin working with our design team. This initial process usually takes about 3-5 days. After materials and labor have been estimated, your Project Manager will go over every detail of your remodel. Contact our bathroom remodeling San Antonio TX team today to get started.

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