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San Antonio laminate flooring
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Laminate Vs. Hardwood Flooring

San Antonio Laminate Flooring or Hardwood Flooring, which is better?

While wall to wall carpet used to be on the rage, these days one of the most sought after amenities in residential homes is undoubtedly wood flooring. In older homes, hardwood flooring was pretty standard and that is indeed one of the benefits of buying and/or preserving a home that has a few miles on it.

But what about for newer homes, where solid hardwood flooring is not necessarily commonplace? In many cases, owners of more modern homes opt to go with wood laminate floors, which are meant to mimic the appearance of hardwood.

But hardwood is still an option to be considered, should you decide to put wood flooring in your family home.

Before making your final decision, however, it’s wise to go through all of the pros and cons of each option and then make an educated choice based on the facts at hand, as well as your own personal preferences.


There are three main features of these types of San Antonio laminate flooring that you’ll want to investigate. And we’ll go over them one by one, examining both the advantages and the disadvantages of each.



As with pretty much any household decision, the price is going to be a major factor when deciding what type of San Antonio laminate flooring to lay in your home. The final price will also be higher, depending on the amount of space you’re talking about.

As a general rule, hardwood flooring is going to be considerably more costly to buy and to install. The price for this type of product is also higher, depending on the type of wood and how exotic the trees are.

Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. The image of hardwood is then placed over the composite, covering it to form the laminate.

And not only are the materials cheaper for laminate but finding a good flooring contractors San Antonio company for the installation of these types of floors is also, on average, about 50 percent less than hardwood.




This is another area where San Antonio laminate flooring usually wins out, as it resists scratches, moisture and wears and tear better than hardwood. Especially in high traffic areas, hardwood flooring is more susceptible to scratching and can show damage from excessive moisture.

The flip side of this is that hardwood is the real deal, is more visually appealing and can add considerable value to your home.

Again, take all factors into consideration before making your final flooring decision.




In this category, hardwood definitely has a decided edge, as it can easily be repaired by sanding imperfections and refinishing. And it will last for a very long time, if properly cared for.

San Antonio Laminate flooring, on the other hand, doesn’t repair easily and problems can arise when attempting to repair or replace damaged pieces.

While they may snap together easily, if you replace a damaged piece, it’s almost certainly not going to look like the rest of the flooring due to fading over the years.

Your home will certainly benefit from the look of wood flooring, but deciding which type to install depends on your personal preferences.



Review the pros and cons on which is better San Antonio Laminate flooring or Hardwood flooring and just be realistic about your lifestyle and what fits best for your home renovation. If you have questions about home renovation, contact our remodel contractors San Antonio for more detials.

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